Formal Season

For college students, like myself, the spring semester is coming to a close, work is slowly dying down, but piling up all at the same time, and one thing is for sure, formal season is upon us.  For all of you that don’t know a formal is basically a college version of a high school dance. Everyone dress up, goes to some fancy venue, and has dates. It’s a lot of fun, but also very stressful at the same time. The first stress is always finding the perfect date. You definitely want to go with someone that’s a fun time and won’t embarrass you. I’m not here to tell you how to find the perfect date, because to be honest I always struggle in this department. Once the stress of finding a date is over, it’s time to find the dress.

Let’s get one thing straight…just because it’s called formal, doesn’t mean that you need to wear a formal gown. It’s usually semi-formal attire with cute cocktail dresses and rompers. Finding a formal outfit is never easy, you want something that’s comfortable, yet cute. So here’s my official formal outfit checklist:

  • Do make sure you find something comfortable, yet stylish!
  • Avoid sleeveless, it’s only going to annoy you all night!
  • Don’t go too formal
  • Try to pick a color that’s not too difficult for your date to match
  • Don’t wear heels that are uncomfortable or too high – you’re just going to end up taking them off
  • Raid your friend’s closets, you never know what you’re going to find
  • If you’re going to more than one formal, check out stores like Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx

If you’re like me and got invited to another formal besides your own, you have to find another outfit to wear. Let me tell you, the struggle was real this year. I searched high and low to find the perfect outfits. I started off searching through the different dress departments of popular stores, but nothing caught my attention. I browsed online, and once again nothing. After feeling like all hope was lost, I ended up going to my favorite store ever, T.J. Maxx. Here I was able to find a gorgeous black jumpsuit along with a floral romper. These ended up hitting every point on my checklist, so I knew that they were perfect. It takes time to find the perfect formal dress – but don’t give up! The most important part is to make sure that no matter who you take or what you wear, is that you have fun! Happy formal season!


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