Coconut Oil

If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet lately, you’re no stranger to the words coconut oil. This product seems to be the answer to every single beauty issue out there. Bad hair day? Coconut oil. Natural toothpaste? Coconut oil. Ran out of shaving cream? Coconut oil. So a couple of weeks ago, I caved and purchased a tub for myself.

Over the past few weeks I’ve experimented with this product several different ways and I’ve got to say I have not been disappointed. So far, I’ve used it as a makeup remover, moisturizer, and for hair care. This literally just brushes the surface on all the amazing things this product can do.

As a makeup remover, it was pretty good at getting all the products off, without leaving me feeling dry or too oily. The best part is, that my skin felt super moisturized after! The one downfall would have to be taking off any eye makeup with the oil. It’s kind of hard to rub such a oily and thick product all over your eyes, without feeling like they are glued shut. I suggest having a warm, wet face cloth right next to you, so you can easily get wipe your face. Overall, I think that it worked just as well as any other cream makeup remover, like Ponds.

One of the biggest claims of coconut oil is that it’s a great moisturizer, so of course I had to try it out for myself! As a person with sensitive skin, I’m always on the hunt for a natural moisturizer that won’t irritate my skin – and coconut oil got the job done. It’s great at locking in moisture for the entire day. My only suggestion is to use it at nighttime simply because you’re going to feel oily after using it. There’s usually a thin layer of oil resting on top of the skin, due to the nature of the product. It takes a while for it really to seep it, but the results are fabulous!

Lastly, I used this product for some simple hair care. First, I used it to smooth down some flyaways – BUT be careful, if you use too much you are going to look like you haven’t showered in days! It’s all about moderation! Second, I used it to treat the bottom of my hair, where there’s a ton of dead, damaged ends. Simply, take a little scoop of product and massage it in the ends of the hair. Tie it up and wait about thirty minutes before washing your hair normally. So far, I’ve done this a few times and my hair actually feels much smoother and silkier – especially at the bottoms.

Overall, coconut oil is becoming a staple in my beauty routine. I’m constantly finding new ways to use it and highly suggest it!




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