Sensitive Skin Must Haves

As a person who has suffered from eczema for my entire life, I know the struggle of finding beauty products that don’t irritate your skin. For all of you that don’t know what it’s like, consider yourself lucky. It’s beyond annoying when you can’t just go to the store and pick up any old lotion because it smells nice, or you just want to try it. Personally, I have to look for brands that are natural, organic, or baby specific. Over the years, with many trials of lotions and body washes, I have found my sensitive skin must haves.

Dr. Teal’s 

Dr. Teal’s products are all epsom salt based – which works wonders for eczema! Epsom salts are perfect for relaxing skin, especially when irritated. Even better, for those days and nights where the itching seems like it won’t stop – a quick soak in an epsom salt bath will reduce the itch. What’s nice about Dr. Teal’s products is that they are scented – ranging from lavender to chamomile. As a person with sensitive skin, I often find it hard to find a scented lotion or body wash that doesn’t irritate my skin. My favorites from Dr. Teal’s have to be the Pure Epsom Salt Pure Soaking Solution, Pure Epsom Salt Body Wash, and Pure Epsom Salt Body Lotion. In addition to all these great benefits, each product, depending on their scent, helps relax the body in a different way. For example, all the lavender products help “Soothe & Sleep.” So, while helping to soothe dry, irritated skin it delivers a little extra something.


Okay, like I said before, sometimes you have to turn to baby specific products, and that’s exactly what BabyGanics is. These products are non-toxic and the company puts all of their products through strict testing to make sure that exceed their strict standards. In addition, all products are non-allergenic and non-irritating Babyganics happens to have all sorts of products – from baby wipes to laundry detergent. Although, I haven’t tried any of their home products, I’ve heard great reviews and that they are sensitive skin friendly!

I happened to stumble upon these products when researching lotions for sensitive skin. Since then, I’ve become an avid user of their Eczema Care Skin Protectant Cream and Moisturizing Therapy Cream Wash. Both are made with colloidal oatmeal, which is soothing on dry, irrupted skin.

Neutrogena Naturals 

Through many experiments, I found it very hard to find a good face wash. I didn’t want to use my body wash on my face due to research saying that body washes are sometimes too rough on the sensitive skin of the face – and for starters my skin is already super sensitive. So, I had to do a couple of trials with face washes, and eventually found Neutrogena Naturals. I’m a fan of Neutrogena to begin with, so I wasn’t too shocked when their product turned out to be the best. This line of Neutrogena products is designed without harsh chemicals that are irritating to sensitive skin. I fell in love with the Purifying Facial Cleanser and highly suggest it to anyone that’s in the market for a new face wash.


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