NYX Liquid Lingerie

If you’re into makeup at all, or if you’ve just been on the Internet, you’ve seen the hype about Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I’ve seen reviews, swatches, dupes, rants, etc. about these products. I know several people that do and they rave about them. Everyone always tells me that they are long lasting, the color is amazing, and it’s truly worth the money. After hearing such great reviews and watching endless amounts of beauty bloggers rave about these kits, I decided to maybe purchase one. Then, I saw they were $17, plus shipping and handling – while my heart told me yes, my bank account screamed no. I ended up going to my local Ulta and purchasing a few of the dupes that were in my budget – some sucked, others were amazing. Point of the story here though, is that little did I know I ended up finding my favorite lip product of all time – NYX Liquid Lingerie.

Liquid Lingerie is an entire line of liquid lipstick, with a matte finish. The entire line is more natural/nude colors with hues of browns, pinks, and reds. Each tube is $7 and can be found literally everywhere. I first purchased the shade, “Bedtime Flirt” which is a reddish toned pink. I went home and immediately tested it out. After going about my day, the color stayed in place, there was no bleeding, and best of all I didn’t really have to reapply. I was sold and ready to purchase more. After falling in love with the line, I went back and bought “Push Up” which is more light brown. I highly recommend these two colors – they’re gorgeous!

Honestly, that’s what makes brands like NYX so great; they’re affordable, easy to find, and best of all they deliver a quality product. Sure, I can drop $17 on a lip kit, but when I’m able to get the same long lasting and pigmented product for much cheaper, I’m going to opt for that way. I don’t doubt that Kylie’s Lip Kits are anything but great, but until my bank account allows me to purchase one, I’ll be stocking up on my Liquid Lingerie.



One thought on “NYX Liquid Lingerie

  1. Trula Marie says:

    NYX Cosmetics is purely amazing. End of Story. I literally keep their soft mattes on standby in so many colors it’s not even funny. They’re my go to for lips, mascara, and contour!

    And you get a lot more bang for your buck in my opinion with them though it’s somewhat surprising considering how affordable they all are!


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