Let’s Get Back to Being Real.

Phones – we all have them, we all use them, and let’s be real…we all hide behind them. Nothing is real anymore – there’s no connections, no emotions, no reactions. That “lol” text you just sent? You weren’t laughing. See that’s the thing, phones and texting take away the most genuine part of any relationship – that connection, the moment where someone’s face lights up, the pure reaction to conversation. Those little moments aren’t there anymore all because of a stupid phone. Sure, an emoji can add a little something, but it’s not the same thing.

See with phones, we’re given the ability to stop and actually think about a response. The message that you just received might have completely pissed you off, but you can type out this happy message. Put that same situation in real life, and the person you’re talking to is going to know that you’re not happy. Maybe it’s just me as a person, I rather get the true genuine reaction. I don’t want the fake, happy response. Which leads to me to the next point…

If you have a problem with someone, don’t hide behind your phone. Don’t use it as a weapon to type out these nasty messages, full of things you wouldn’t say in person. If you have fight with someone, don’t work it out via text message. Sit down face-to-face and actually have that fight. Scream. Yell. Cry. Tell it like it is. We need that real factor, it builds relationships. It’s too easy to type out “I forgive you,” saying those words to a person’s face can be real hard. Or even worse, don’t use it as a mechanism to ignore someone. We live in a society where you’re constantly on your phone, so you get those messages, snaps, see the insta posts. Even worse, it’s the fact that you have access to these things that makes the fight, problem, whatever it is so much worse. One person can be having so much fun, and the other is sitting there wondering what the problem is. Ignoring someone isn’t a option in today’s world. It’s tough being left in the dark, because sure you might be hurt over something, but I can tell you that person that doesn’t know what’s going on is hurting ten times more then you.

Another horrible thing about phones is that they invented this “talking” phase of relationships. I can tell you, I’ve “talked” to multiple guys, but not one of them took me out on date. Not one made the effort to actually get to know me in person – always through text message. I can remember one time a guy actually called my phone, and I freaked out because it was so out of the norm. I would have never in a million years expected a phone call? It lasted about twenty minutes, but when I hung up I was on cloud nine. I had one of the best conversations in the “talking” phase that I ever had. Sure, it wasn’t face to face, but still I got to hear his voice and got that genuine emotion and reaction that texting doesn’t give you.

I’m not here to complain about phones, they’re great but they just take away so much. The most genuine conversations that I have are always face-to-face, where you get to learn so much about a person. There’s no greater feeling then seeing that spark in someone’s eyes when you happen to mention something that they love. You don’t get that when you’re texting. Half of the conversations on my phone right now are meaningless. There variations of “what’s up” and “what are you doing.” Honestly, there are probably about two conversations that actually have meaning. Isn’t that sad? That I text so many people, yet only two conversations mean something? The rest are 8-ball games (which I always lose) or a conversation sending emojis back and forth? What substance and meaning does that actually bring to my life?

Maybe I’m old fashioned, who knows. I prefer sitting with someone face to face and actually have a conversation. There have been times where I’ve lost track of time talking to someone and it’s 3am, but if it were texting I would have fell asleep already. All I’m trying to say is put down the text messages for once. Make a phone call, have a face-to-face conversation. Have one of those conversations where you get lost, you’re struggling to keep your eyes open, but you don’t want it to end. Get to see that spark in someone’s eyes and really notice their genuine reaction -it’s worth it and you get to learn and see an entire different side of someone. Let’s get back to being real.

*Photo Credits: The Huffington Post


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