Coffee Talk: Rook

If you ever found yourself driving through the Jersey Shore staring at this little black bird plastered to every stop sign, car bumper, pole, and laptop – then you’ve discovered Rook. This simple black bird has become a cultural phenomenon of the Jersey Shore. But what exactly is Rook, you ask? Well, it’s hands down some of the best coffee locations you’ll find in Jersey.

Rook is a specialty coffee company founded by Holly Migliaccio and Shawn Kingsley in 2010. Since then the once small store, has blown up and been spreading throughout Jersey.

So you’re thinking, what makes Rook so special?  Well, every cup is custom made to order. To me, there’s nothing better then a fresh cup of coffee being made literally in front of you. I love that there are plenty of options to choose from – mild, medium, or dark roasts. My personal favorite is New Orleans Style – it is dark, strong, and gets me through the toughest of days.

If you ever find yourself down at the Jersey Shore and need a midday pick me up, you’ve got to go to Rook.


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