Better Than Sex Mascara Review

I picked up this little sample size of mascara quite a while ago, and just haven’t gotten around to trying it. This morning my favorite mascara just happened to run out, so I felt like there was no better time than right now to try out this product out. 

With a name like Better Than Sex, I’m expecting this product to live up to it’s name. According to Too Faced’s website, this mascara is supposed to give you long and full looking lashes in one of two coats. The formula is packed with collagen, which is supposed to give the user a larger than life, wow factor lashes. This mascara is one of the most raved about products in the beauty world – bloggers and Youtubers are constantly recommending it. Even looking up reviews on this product, it’s supposed to be one of the best mascaras on the market. 

When first applying this mascara, I have to say that I was impressed. It built really quickly and my lashes weren’t sticking together as I was applying the product. When using the mascara, two coats is more than enough. As with most products, when more and more coats are added, the lashes are going to get clumpy and have a spidery look to them. The formula dried fairly quickly, which was really nice. From first application, I noticed that my lashes did look very full and dramatic, without being over the top. I have to say that I was very impressed and that they product was living up to the hype. 

As I went about my day, I noticed that the mascara started to fall a little flat. My lashes were starting to calm down and look a little limp, as if I had barely any mascara on at all. This was definitely a disappointment to say the least. In addition, I noticed that there were mascara flakes all over my face, which is a no go for me. I want a mascara that isn’t going to flake off during the day, especially when I’m spending my entire day on the go. By the end of the day,  my lashes looked like I didn’t even apply any mascara, which really defeated the purpose of this supposedly long wear mascara. 

Overall, I don’t regret purchasing this product, but I would say that I am disappointed. It’s a good mascara for a short wear, but definitely not everyday or for a special occasion.  I would probably use this on a more natural wearing makeup day, where I want to just give my lashes a little pick me up. 


DIY Tie-Dye

Summer is approaching quickly, so say goodbye to those heavy sweaters, scarfs, and puffy winter jackets. It’s time to pull out all your tank tops, rompers, sundresses, and shorts. Personally, summer has always been one of my favorite seasons, simply because the clothes are just so much cuter. My outfits always feel so much more complete during the summer months and I just feel way more confident. In my opinion, nothing screams summer like tie-dye. Sure you can go out and buy some tie-dye shirt, but where’s the fun in that? Embrace the summer spirit, get a little dirty & do it yourself!

What You’ll Need:

  • Dye (either powered or premade, it’s up to you!)
  • Plastic Squeeze Bottles
  • Rubber Bands (a lot of them!)
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Tablecloths or Trash Bags
  • Clothing You Want To Dye


  1. First things first, soak the item that you want to dye in water. Dye sticks best to a garment that’s a little damp. So you’re going to want to completely soak the garment, and then ring it out.
  2. Mix your dye! If it’s powdered dye, the instructions should be right there on the bottle. It’s as simple as mixing water and the powder – you can do this right in the plastic squeeze bottles.
  3. Tie up your garment – there are plenty of designs online that you can copy. My personal favorite is the spiral; it took me a few times to master, but it’s not that complicated. Get creative here; you don’t have to follow a particular design!
  4. Time to dye! Put on your gloves here, please! You don’t want to be walking around with tie dyed hands for days (I know from experience!) Go crazy using your dyes that you made and most importantly, great creative!
  5. After your done dyeing, let your garment sit in a plastic bag for 24 hours.
  6. The next day, run your garment under cold water, until the water run clears. I suggest not taking the rubber bands off until after the water run clears to ensure that not extra dye bleeds into the white areas.

Now you’re all ready to go! Let your shirt hang dry, and then you’ll all set to wear it. One of the most important things to remember is to wash your garment separately for the first few times after you wear it – some dye might bleed out still and you definitely don’t want to ruin any of your other clothes! Tie Dyeing is super easy and fun -go grab some friends and enjoy!

Give Your Hair a Break!

Blowdryers. Straighteners. Curling Irons. It’s no secret that these tools are essentials in everyone’s hair routine. Personally, I use either blow dry or straighten my hair every single day. On the weekends, I’m always curling my hair, whether it be just the ends or from root to bottom. All this heat is definitely no good on your luscious locks – no one wants to have frayed, dry, dead ends, it doesn’t look cute at all. It’s time to give your hair a break from all that heat! I began to notice that the ends of my hair were starting to look all spilt, dry, and damaged, and I knew right away it was from all the hot tool I’m constantly using. So I took an entire week off from my normal beauty routine and actually started to see a difference. This was extremely hard for me, due to the fact that I always just wear my hair straight down, and any little wave or bump annoys me to no end. I’m not that skilled in hair, so by challenging myself to a No Heat Week was definitely going to be hard.

So Monday rolled around and it was the beginning of my No Heat Week. I got out of bed and stared in the mirror wondering what I was going to do with my hair. After what felt like forever playing around my hair, I ended up going with a simple ponytail. I figured it was Monday and it fit the overall vibe of the day. I have to admit, I felt a little self conscious all day because my hair wasn’t done to my standards. I felt as if I looked like I didn’t care about myself…which I know is far from true. For Tuesday, I ended up doing a simple braid, with two pieces farming my face. It was gorgeous spring day out and it felt good to have my hair just tied back. I decided for Wednesday, I actually wanted to do something with my hair – but what? After some research and a shower, I decided to add a little bit moose to my hair and split it into two braids, leaving them in overnight. The next morning, I took them out and had gorgeous, simple, almost beachy waves. I was satisfied with the result and have to say that this was my favorite hair day by far. Thursday consisted of yet another ponytail due to the fact that I was running late and had so many errands that day. Lastly, Friday I choose to do a simple side bun. I have to admit that I did try several other style of buns – from a top knot to a donut bun but I wasn’t feeling any of them.

Overall, my No Heat Week turned out to be not as bad as I thought. My hair felt much healthier when Saturday rolled around, with the ends not feeling as dry as they did. I know that if I kept on applying heat to my hair every single day, I was just going to have to chop half of it off next time I went to the hair dresser -which is my worst nightmare. Besides, going a few days without perfectly styled hair isn’t the end of the world. It’s essential to take a few days off from the heat, trust me, your hair will thank you!

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

No matter how large or small your makeup collection is, you need to take the time to take care of them, and that means washing them regularly. Bits of makeup, oil, and other residues get stuck in between the hair of the brushes, which only leads to breakouts and not so great application. Most makeup brushes run on the expensive side, so it’s essential to make sure that you’re taking proper care of them! Don’t worry cleaning them is far from a process, but it should become part of your beauty routine!

Things You Will Need:

  • Baby Body Wash or a Gentle Shampoo
  • Sink
  • Facecloth

I like to start by running my brushes under some warm water. This usually gets off the makeup that was left on the surface of the brush. One of the most important things is to try to only get the hair of the brushes wet, and avoid where the handle of the brush meets the head. This will loosen the glue and eventually destroy your brushes, and no one wants that!

Next, I take some baby body wash into the palm of my hand – just a little squirt, and begin to work up a nice lather. I then run the brush under the warm water again and repeat this process over and over again until the water runs clear. This usually takes two to three times. For items like a beauty blender, I prefer to put a squirt of soap directly onto the sponge. Here I work the soap into the sponge, creating a nice lather. I do this several times, while rinsing it with warm waters. Once again, continue this process until the water runs dry.

After, dry your brushes with a facecloth, reshaping it as you go. Lay them down on a flat surface on a towel to dry! Brushes usually take a few hours to completely dry, so make sure you clean your brushes after you applied your makeup for the day or on a no makeup day.  Cleaning your brushes is a simple and easy process – just remember to do it!

Formal Season

For college students, like myself, the spring semester is coming to a close, work is slowly dying down, but piling up all at the same time, and one thing is for sure, formal season is upon us.  For all of you that don’t know a formal is basically a college version of a high school dance. Everyone dress up, goes to some fancy venue, and has dates. It’s a lot of fun, but also very stressful at the same time. The first stress is always finding the perfect date. You definitely want to go with someone that’s a fun time and won’t embarrass you. I’m not here to tell you how to find the perfect date, because to be honest I always struggle in this department. Once the stress of finding a date is over, it’s time to find the dress.

Let’s get one thing straight…just because it’s called formal, doesn’t mean that you need to wear a formal gown. It’s usually semi-formal attire with cute cocktail dresses and rompers. Finding a formal outfit is never easy, you want something that’s comfortable, yet cute. So here’s my official formal outfit checklist:

  • Do make sure you find something comfortable, yet stylish!
  • Avoid sleeveless, it’s only going to annoy you all night!
  • Don’t go too formal
  • Try to pick a color that’s not too difficult for your date to match
  • Don’t wear heels that are uncomfortable or too high – you’re just going to end up taking them off
  • Raid your friend’s closets, you never know what you’re going to find
  • If you’re going to more than one formal, check out stores like Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx

If you’re like me and got invited to another formal besides your own, you have to find another outfit to wear. Let me tell you, the struggle was real this year. I searched high and low to find the perfect outfits. I started off searching through the different dress departments of popular stores, but nothing caught my attention. I browsed online, and once again nothing. After feeling like all hope was lost, I ended up going to my favorite store ever, T.J. Maxx. Here I was able to find a gorgeous black jumpsuit along with a floral romper. These ended up hitting every point on my checklist, so I knew that they were perfect. It takes time to find the perfect formal dress – but don’t give up! The most important part is to make sure that no matter who you take or what you wear, is that you have fun! Happy formal season!

Babe Cave on a Budget

Babe Cave? Sign me up. These cozy, trendy, yet sassy rooms are all the buzz lately. Sure, you might be thinking, “it’s just a knockoff man cave,” while true, it’s more about the vibe of the room than the name. Babe Cave’s are all about being cozy, warm, and trendy. There are pillows with sassy sayings, fuzzy knit blankets, and fairy lights illuminating the space. There are thousands of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest that showcase what these rooms are all about. While these pictures are gorgeous and dream worthy rooms, they’re not realistic. Every day people don’t have the talent (or money) or interior designers, but that doesn’t mean that the dream babe cave can’t be made.

It is possible to achieve this dream room, without breaking the bank. I’ve started to transform my college apartment into a miniature babe cave little by little. Start by finding some lights. I went to the clearance section of Target at the end of the Christmas season and was able to find some beautiful soft white lights. I know the holiday season is well over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find Christmas lights! Check your attic, ask some friends; someone has to have some lying around. Another great purchase I found recently was a line of light clothespins. I’ve used them to hang a flag and some pictures over my desk.

Pillows and blankets are babe cave essentials – and SO easy to find. I’ve started a little collection. I’ve taken pillows that my parents don’t want anymore and one’s from my sister’s old dorm room bedspread. I’ve looked here and there in Target, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls to see what pillows they have – you never know what you’re going to find! My favorite bedroom decorations have to be blankets. I’m a blanket queen, I’ll admit it. Babe Caves usually are home to chunkier cable knit blankets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other ones! I happened to get the softest, off-white cable knit blanket for Christmas this year, and it fits perfectly with my room. It’s so nice to just throw on top of my bed or roll up and keep in a little side basket.

The last essential for a Babe Cave would of course be the decorations! Knick-knacks, wall signs, flags, wine bottles, jewelry holders…the list goes on and on. Find decorations that show off your personality and place them around the room. I have tons of pictures hanging up, canvases on my walls and windowsills, and a flag above my bed. The most important piece of advice I can give you here is to not overdo it! Place everything strategically and make sure nothing looks too cluttered. Pictures are super cheap to develop and you can totally make your own canvases! Go shopping at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods – you can find so many home decorations for cheap. Part of the fun of creating your own space is the hunt for items. The decorations are really what make your Babe Cave, well yours!

No matter what you see on Pinterest or Instagram, the perfect Babe Cave is totally up to you. Make it your own, do whatever you want that makes you feel cozy and at home!

Eyeshadow Empties

It’s the start of a brand new month, so I decided it was time to take a look through my makeup collection once again and see what products I’m running low on. To my surprise, there were quite a few – especially in the eye shadow department. Here’s a quick overview of some of eyeshadow empties…

For starters, I’m seeing way more tray on my beloved Naked palette than I want to. This palette was my first high end makeup, and has definitely seen it’s days. Slowly but surely, I’m seeing more and more tray appear. So far, I’ve repurchased Sin in a single; it is one of those go to everyday lid colors that I cannot live without. As for the other three; Virgin is just beautiful highlight color, Naked is a nice warm, transition shade, and Sidecar recently became a favorite. 

The next product that I’m sad to see hit tray is my two favorite shades from my Smashbox Master Class Palette: Lighting Theory. (I received this as a birthday gift, and let me tell you, this palette is amazing!) Sand and Totally Nude are two gorgeous everyday matte shades. From the moment I opened this palette, I knew that they were going to be my absolute favorites. I have to say that I’m super disappointed that Smashbox doesn’t sell singles! I would totally being running to the store to pick up these shades! 

Last but not least, my Naked 2 Basics palette has seen its days. The highlight color, Skimp, and gorgeous grayish, black, Undone are completely gone. These two were some of my favorite for a while. Skimp, was yet again, another gorgeous brow bone color. Sometimes, I would add just a little bit of it to the center of my lids with an all matte look, to bring just a little bit of shimmer. Undone was my go-to for darker, smokey eyes when I didn’t want to use a deep black. Since these two have completely been used up, I forgot about this travel sized palette. I can definitely see myself starting to use the other shades more often.